Sharing data with everyone

Intuitive Password provides a convenient Public Sharing feature that allows you to share your password items with individuals who have not signed up with Intuitive Password. By using Public Sharing, you can securely share your passwords without requiring recipients to have an Intuitive Password account. This topic will guide you through the process of sharing passwords through Public Sharing.

Benefits of using public sharing

Convenient sharing with non-Intuitive Password users: Public Sharing enables you to share password items with anyone, even if they do not have an Intuitive Password account, it eliminates the need for recipients to sign up for an account, making the sharing process quick and hassle-free.

Secure Sharing without compromising sensitive information: Public Sharing ensures the security of your shared passwords by utilizing encryption techniques, recipients can decrypt and view the passwords using the provided "Data ID" and "Permission Code" without exposing the underlying sensitive information.

Flexibility in sharing options: Public Sharing allows you to choose specific password items to share, providing you with control over what information is shared, you can easily enable or disable sharing for individual password items as needed.

Simplified collaboration and communication: Public Sharing is ideal for scenarios where you need to share passwords with colleagues, clients, or external partners who do not have Intuitive Password accounts, it streamlines collaboration and communication by providing secure access to shared passwords without the need for recipients to create new accounts. The "Public" tab in the main platform allows you to conveniently view and manage all your shared passwords in one place, you can easily unshare password items when they are no longer needed or revoke access if necessary.

Sharing a password item

Locate the password item you wish to share from the passwords list in your Intuitive Password account, click on the password item to reveal its full details. In the "View" panel of Password Item Details, click the "Share" button.

Click the "Enable Sharing" button to initiate the Public Sharing process. Please take note of your Data ID and Permission Code, these unique identifiers will be required for accessing the shared password item. After done that, click "Save Changes" to proceed.

Viewing shared password item

To view a shared password item, access the provided link here, or click the "Shared Password Viewer" link at the bottom of the Intuitive Password home page. Enter your Data ID and Permission Code in the designated fields, and click "View Password" to decrypt and display the shared password item.

Please note that the Data ID and Permission Code are crucial for accessing shared password items. Keep them secure and share them only with authorized individuals. Additionally, it's important to remember that sharing passwords through Public Sharing does not require recipients to have an Intuitive Password account.

Unsharing a password item

Navigate to the "Public" tab and locate the password item you want to unshare, then click the "Unlink" icon associated with the password item to unshare it. Alternatively, select the password item from the passwords list, then click the "Share" button and select the "Disable Sharing" option, and click "Save Changes" to finalize the unsharing process.

FAQs for this topic

Locate the password item in your account, click on it to reveal its details, and click the "Share" button in the "View" panel to initiate the Public Sharing process.

The Data ID and Permission Code are crucial for accessing shared password items, so keep them secure and share them only with authorized individuals.

Public Sharing provides convenient sharing with non-Intuitive Password users, ensures secure sharing without exposing sensitive information, and offers flexibility in sharing options.