About Us

Everything you need to know about our company.

Who We Are.

Intuitive Security Systems is a reputable proprietary limited company based in Australia that was formed in 2013 by experienced and highly skilled engineers with a same vision of providing better data security solutions. We are committed and dedicated to offering high quality services that aim to protect passwords and confidential data of our customers in an efficient and professional manner.

What We Do.

Intuitive Password provides innovative military-grade password management services to protect your passwords and confidential data against cyber-crime. With our cutting-edge data encryption technology, you can be rest assured that your data is safe while enjoying the reliable and comprehensive service that will surely exceed your expectations. We hoped to be the most secure military-grade password management service that is able to provide unrivalled services to all our customers in different industries around the world.

Our Mission.

We are committed to continually improving the services we provide to all our customers. By investing in our greatest asset and employees, we believe that we will achieve our future goals. Our vision is to become the leading data security organization in the IT industry. That is why we strive for excellence to offer the best and effective online security services, which are all designed to give you protection and highest level security from various threats over the internet.


What clients say?

Some of our clients love us & so we do!

The great features offered by Intuitive Password makes it a great password management solution, which is one of the best cloud based military-grade password management solutions I ever tried.

Techulator Media

Intuitive Password is an easy-to-use app, with a clean interface and what looks like strong security in place to protect user data.

Softpedia Media

This is an impressive new way to manage login IDs, passwords and other critical pieces of information that need to be available when you're online.

Mac360 Media

Intuitive Password is encrypted with SSL security protocol and its servers are hosted in fully tested enterprise-grade data centers with firewalls and controlled certificate applications to protect against security breaches.

TheAppTimes Media

Use Intuitive Password in order to rest easy knowing that all your credentials are stored safely, properly and easily accessible on a great looking and awesome platform.

QCWen.com Media

The makers of this application have opted for the best practices to make the data collection hack-proof. The sensitive data is encrypted all the time using the U.S. government approved encryption algorithms.

The Windows Club Media

Intuitive Password is an online solution for storing and categorizing your passwords. You can create groups of passwords and sort them in a way that works for you.

SoftArea51 Media

The best advantage of using Intuitive Password for managing your password is that only the individual who is recognized by this software can get access to all the passwords inside it.

Media Museum Media

Intuitive Password manages its own two-factor authentication, requiring that you type in a code sent to your smartphone in addition to your Master Password. I like the fact that it generates a set of one-use codes for this purpose, to manage situations where your phone isn't at hand.

PC Magazine (US) Media