Intuitive Password® Personal

Security-first password manager for any device and browser

Easily create and store your passwords in a secure personal password vault that you can access from any device.

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Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager


Save a password to your vault and it's automatically available on all your devices. Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and your web browser, it works everywhere.


Easily organize and search your passwords. Save and edit logins, private notes, and more directly from your browser.


Securely stores all of your passwords and logs you in with a single click. Save time entering logins with our browser extensions for maximum convenience.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Protect your digital life with built-in security

Security is our mission at highest priority. At every step, we've designed a password manager to protect what you store, so you can trust it with your sensitive data.

  • Military-grade encryption - Your data is protected by the AES 256-bit encryption algorithms with PBKDF2-SHA256 to strengthen the encryption keys against brute-force attacks.

  • Zero-knowledge architecture - We take a trust-no-one approach to your security. Your master password is your private key to unlocking your data. No one knows it but you, not even our employees, and it's not stored anywhere on our servers.

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Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Store more than just passwords

Intuitive Password is a comprehensive and secure solution that goes beyond password storage, providing a centralized hub to securely manage and store not only passwords but also sensitive information such as credit cards, secure notes, identification documents, and other personal data across an unlimited number of devices.

Intuitive Password provides easy access and robust security for managing all aspects of your digital life.

The ultimate solution for passwords and data management across all your devices. Safely store and manage not just passwords, but also sensitive information like credit cards, secure notes and more, all in one centralized place.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Password Generator

Intuitive Password can generate passwords that adhere to your customized guidelines, ensuring robust and unforeseeable logins that fortify security and safeguard against unauthorized access.

Dark web scan reports

Stay informed and take control with our concise reports that provide the essential information to keep you safe. Intuitive Password goes the extra mile by alerting you to weak, compromised, or duplicated passwords, empowering you to take immediate action.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager
Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Passwordless login on your PC and mobile phone

Enhance security and streamline logins to your password vault on both desktop and mobile devices by activating the passwordless option. You can opt for passwordless login using a FIDO2-certified authenticator, leveraging device biometrics (such as Touch ID or Windows Hello), or hardware keys like YubiKey and Feitian.

Streamlined access

Confirm your device with your master password just once, then choose your preferred passwordless authentication method to enter your vault.

Reduced resets

Eliminate password hurdles by instantly accessing your most essential applications and credentials. Say goodbye to forgotten passwords and tedious resets.

Enhanced security

Passwordless access enhances security with additional layers of protection, relying on your trusted device, biometrics, or any FIDO2-certified authenticators.

Security is our foundation, your peace of mind.

The Security Dashboard serves as your comprehensive and centralized destination, offering a wide array of features and tools to cater to every aspect of your online security needs. It consolidates all pertinent information and functionalities, providing you with a convenient and efficient one-stop shop to monitor, manage, and enhance your digital security effortlessly.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Security made simple

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Basic Edition

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  • 20 Password items
  • Secure sharing
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  • Security dashboard
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  • Emergency access

Express Edition

Basic password management on all your devices.

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  • All in Basic Edition
  • 2,000 Password items
  • Offline access mode
  • Data importing & exporting
  • Security notifications
  • IP address whitelisting

Pro Edition

Take your security up a level with maximum protection.

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Billed annually
  • All in Advanced Edition
  • Larger size for inputs
  • More tags per item
  • More single-use codes
  • Priority technical support
  • More exclusive features

Family Starter

Protect up to 5 family members.

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Billed annually
  • All members get Express Edition
  • Discounted for 5 members

Intuitive Password is a hardware and software tested platform for seamless access across devices

Intuitive Password understands that the requirement for broad ranging access via a number of hardware devices, in particular mobile devices. We invest heavily into testing and collaboration with the leading hardware manufacturers to ensure a seamless interaction with its platform.


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