Intuitive Password® Business

The password manager that puts your business in control

Intuitive Password gives you access to more features for all devices. You'll be able to manage your data on the road, so you have what you need, in any situation.

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Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager


The onboarding process is seamless, ensuring secure sharing of company data becomes effortless, while convenient features like auto-login empower team members to work more efficiently.


Easily manage permissions based on individual users, groups, or specific vaults. Entrust selected members with delegated responsibilities to assist in the smooth management of your account.


Strengthen organizational security, empower IT and security teams, streamline actions and insights through a centralized platform.

Don't let security slow you down

Intuitive Password simplifies management for you and offers effortless usability for employees, ensuring an intuitive experience for all users.

Easy employee management

Enable seamless employee transitions with quick and secure onboarding and off-boarding. Personalize user experience with dedicated vaults and maintain oversight through a powerful admin dashboard.

Convenient sharing

Streamline password sharing for your team, saving time and minimizing frustration. Say goodbye to copying and pasting as you provide access to sensitive items through shared vaults.

Improved password hygiene

Generate robust passwords with our Password Generator tool, and keep your team secure with our Security Dashboard, which provides real-time password strength scores and alerts users of any weak passwords.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager
Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Security ingrained in every organizational practice

Experience the power of effortless productivity without compromising on security, as our streamlined security protocols eliminate the need for clunky workflows and awkward user experiences.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Our tools reinforce our habits

Rather than imposing rigid workflows, we believe in crafting tools that seamlessly align with how people work. By prioritizing user-centric design, we secure the path to enhanced productivity and empower individuals to thrive in a secure digital environment.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

This is human-centric security

Embracing the concept of security as an ally rather than an obstacle, our intuitive tools seamlessly integrate into your workflow, empowering you to accomplish tasks effortlessly. By fostering an enjoyable user experience, we cultivate a natural inclination towards security, where safeguarding your digital assets becomes an effortless part of your everyday routine.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

2FA with YubiKey

Intuitive Password introduces a new 2FA (two-factor authentication) method for account verification without entering any codes. Enabling 2FA with a YubiKey, a FIDO2-certified hardware key, allows for simple and secure account verification on desktop or mobile devices with a touch.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Best-in-class security

Harnessing the power of our exclusive zero-trust and zero-knowledge security framework, Intuitive Password ensures uncompromising protection for your sensitive data. With robust end-to-end encryption, our advanced architecture guarantees that only you hold the keys to your information, fostering a secure environment where privacy and confidentiality are paramount.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Secure access points proactively

Elevate the strength of your business's information technology infrastructure by empowering it with highly adaptable policies and providing detailed security reports that encompass every dimension of your organization, ensuring comprehensive protection across all critical aspects.

Security made simple

Choose a plan that works for you


Business Starter

Protect up to 10 team members.

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Billed annually
  • All members get Advanced Edition
  • Discounted for 10 members
  • Cloud-based solution

Business Private

Both privacy and security matters.

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Billed monthly
  • All members get Pro Edition
  • Volume discounted pricing
  • On-premises hosting options
  • Monthly patches and updates
  • Fast deployment

Intuitive Password is a hardware and software tested platform for seamless access across devices

Intuitive Password understands that the requirement for broad ranging access via a number of hardware devices, in particular mobile devices. We invest heavily into testing and collaboration with the leading hardware manufacturers to ensure a seamless interaction with its platform.


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