Intuitive Password® Enterprise

Unleash the power of scalable enterprise security

Revamp your workforce's confidential information management and sharing, ensuring secure access and exchange of secrets like passwords, payment cards, and sensitive documents.

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Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager


Keep passwords organized in one safe place. Login to any site without interrupting your workflow. Add and remove users, and turn on security policies to control who has access to what.


Revolutionize the way employees handle and exchange confidential information, encompassing a wide range of sensitive data including passwords, payment cards, and confidential data.


Security is our unwavering mission and utmost priority. Every aspect of our design is dedicated to safeguarding your stored information, ensuring the highest level of protection for your sensitive data.

Tailored solutions for your business success

Unlock the full potential of your brand. Harness the power of re-branding to create a unique identity and dominate your market.

White-labelling and re-branding

Provide a seamless and consistent user experience by allowing your organization to customize the visual appearance of the password manager. Offer theme configuration options that enable our product to match your product's UI and UX with your brand identity, including colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements.

Custom feature development

Tailor our password manager to your organization's unique needs and requirements by offering custom feature development. Enhance security, usability, and functionality by incorporating specific functionalities requested by your organization.

System integration

Maximize usability and efficiency by seamlessly integrating our password manager with other systems and tools used by your organization. Enable integration with SSO providers, IAM systems, and collaboration platforms to streamline workflows, enhance security, and improve productivity by centralizing password management within existing infrastructure.

Our password manager is fully re-brandable

Unleash the power of customization with our fully tailorable password manager - click the hotspots below to reveal the details.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Fast Integration and deployment

Our comprehensive password management solution can be swiftly deployed across enterprises, offering automated and assisted user provisioning. In addition, our team offers user training, installation guides, system upgrading processes, onboarding, and priority technical support. Intuitive Password seamlessly integrates with identity and two-factor authentication procedures, enabling a passwordless login experience for users while maintaining robust zero-knowledge security.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Flexible hosting options

Our enterprise customers enjoy the flexibility of opting for on-premises hosting for Intuitive Password systems, granting them full autonomy and control over the entire solution within their infrastructure. This empowers them to have complete ownership, ensuring seamless management and the ability to customize and tailor the system according to their specific needs, while maintaining data security and adhering to their internal IT policies.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Professional services & support

Our comprehensive support offerings encompass Level 2 and Level 3 assistance, which involves the involvement of a skilled support engineer who addresses customer-specific configuration concerns and provides expert technical guidance on optimal practices. Additionally, our services include the engagement of a proficient system engineer who specializes in resolving intricate and challenging issues, ensuring effective troubleshooting and timely resolutions for our valued customers.

Intuitive Password - Military-Grade Password Manager

Check compliance off your list

  • End-to-end data encryption without compromises

  • Detailed audit logs and error handling

  • Security notifications and intrusion detection

  • SOC2 Type 2 compliant

  • GDPR and global privacy laws compliant

  • Account reset and deletion

Intuitive Password is a hardware and software tested platform for seamless access across devices

Intuitive Password understands that the requirement for broad ranging access via a number of hardware devices, in particular mobile devices. We invest heavily into testing and collaboration with the leading hardware manufacturers to ensure a seamless interaction with its platform.


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