Manage your categories

Finding your categories

All your categories can be found in the Categories panel, conveniently located on the left-hand side of your screen. This panel provides an organized overview of all the different categories you have in your Intuitive Password account. By clicking on a specific category, you can reveal a list of subcategories that belong to that main category. This hierarchical structure allows for easy navigation and quick access to the desired subcategory. For instance, if you are searching for your driver's license information stored in your Intuitive Password account, you can simply click on the Licenses category and then select the Driver Licenses subcategory to locate the relevant details.

Hiding unwanted categories

Intuitive Password offers the flexibility to hide any built-in categories that you do not intend to use in your account. This helps streamline your interface by removing unnecessary categories from view. To hide unwanted categories, follow these steps.

  1. Locate the "Low-Vision" icon on the categories panel and click on it. This will open the Visibility Settings panel, which allows you to manage the visibility of your categories.
  2. Within the Visibility Settings panel, you will find a list of all your categories. Each category will have a checkbox next to it, indicating its current visibility status. To hide a category, simply unselect the checkbox next to it. This action indicates that you no longer want that particular category to appear in your Categories panel.
  3. After selecting or deselecting the desired categories, click on the Apply button to save your changes. This ensures that your visibility settings are updated and applied to your account.

It is important to note that once a category is hidden, it will no longer be visible in your Categories panel. This declutters your interface and allows you to focus on the categories that are relevant to your specific needs.

Managing custom categories

If the built-in categories provided by Intuitive Password don't meet your specific requirements, you have the flexibility to create your own custom categories with tailored input fields. This allows you to customize your account and organize your information in a way that aligns with your needs. To create, view, and edit custom categories, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Locate the "Cog" icon on the Categories panel and click on it. This will open the Custom Categories panel, which provides the necessary tools to manage your custom categories. If you wish to create a new custom category, select the "Create new category" option. This will prompt you to enter a name for your category. Alternatively, if you want to edit or delete an existing custom category, select it from the dropdown list.
  2. Once you have entered a name for the custom category, you can proceed to define the custom input fields within that category. Start by entering a name for your custom fields. Choose the type of field you want to use from the available options. Intuitive Password currently supports three types of fields: text field, password field, and note field. These field types cater to different types of information you may want to store.
  3. To add additional fields, click the "Plus" icon. This allows you to create multiple custom fields within your category. Conversely, if you want to delete a field, click the "X" icon associated with that field. If you wish to rearrange the order of the fields, you can do so by using the "Arrow Up" and "Arrow Down" icons. This enables you to customize the layout and organization of your custom category.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your custom category design, click the "Create" button if you are creating a new category, or click the "Update" button if you are making changes to an existing custom category.
  5. If you no longer need a custom category and want to remove it from your account, you can click the "Delete" button. Keep in mind that deleting a custom category will permanently remove all the password items stored within that category from your account.

Your newly created custom categories will now be visible within the Custom category section of the Categories panel. This allows you to easily access and manage your custom categories alongside the built-in categories.

FAQs for this topic

To hide unwanted categories, locate the "Low-Vision" icon on the categories panel, open the Visibility Settings panel, unselect the checkbox next to the desired category, and click on the Apply button to save the changes.

Yes, you can create custom categories by clicking on the "Cog" icon in the Categories panel, accessing the Custom Categories panel, and selecting the "Create new category" option.

To add custom input fields, enter a name for the custom fields, choose the field type (text field, password field, or note field), and use the "Plus" icon to add additional fields or the "X" icon to delete fields.

Your custom categories will be visible in the Custom category section of the Categories panel, alongside the built-in categories.