Security dashboard

Why should I use the Security Dashboard?

In today's digital landscape, data breaches and security compromises are prevalent, with billions of records being leaked each year. Companies like Adobe, LinkedIn, and Evernote have experienced large-scale breaches, resulting in compromised user information and account credentials. The risk becomes even greater when hackers exploit the practice of using the same username and password combinations across multiple websites. Reports from websites like PayPal and Dropbox indicate that hackers have successfully gained access to user accounts by leveraging reused credentials. To prevent such unauthorized access and enhance your security, it is crucial to use unique and strong passwords for each of your online accounts. This is where the Security Dashboard comes in, helping you make immediate changes to your password security and fortify your online life.

Use the Security Dashboard to assess your security level

The Security Dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of your accounts, enabling you to gauge your security status. When you log in to your account, you'll instantly see your Security Score, which is calculated based on our algorithms. The Security Score prioritizes sites that are important in your online world or commonly targeted by malicious actors seeking to steal personal and sensitive information.

The Security Dashboard highlights areas of concern that could compromise your internet identity, such as weak or reused login credentials. If your passwords are not strong enough or have been reused on other websites, they will have a significant impact on your Security Score. It is vital to address these weaknesses to enhance your overall security. Weak or reused passwords on bank accounts or e-commerce websites, which often store credit card information, are especially critical to address. Remember, using a password more than once is highly risky and can lead to multiple accounts being compromised within minutes. To mitigate this risk, utilize our Password Generator to create strong and secure passwords for your password items.

The best advice we can give you

To maximize the benefits of the Security Dashboard, leverage the deep security analysis and suggestions provided alongside your Security Score. For example, enabling two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Intuitive Password account and can improve your Security Score. Make it a habit to regularly check this section and strive to increase your score. By doing so, you will significantly enhance your online experience and protect yourself from the majority of security threats prevalent on the internet.

Gaining insights into your password analysis

Within the Security Dashboard, you'll notice four tabs that provide additional control over your security. The number displayed in each tab indicates the number of passwords falling under that category. Click on a tab to access related information and insights.

  1. All passwords: The main panel offers an overall view of the passwords you use in your vault.
  2. Weak passwords: This tab filters and displays passwords that are considered unsafe. Weak passwords may be too short or lack a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, making them easily guessable or crackable. It is highly recommended to change these passwords to ensure the security of your accounts. If a website restricts you from using a stronger password (e.g., disallows special characters), or if you choose not to change it, you can mark the password as "Checked". The password will then appear in the "All Passwords" section.
  3. Reused passwords: Reusing passwords across multiple websites poses significant risks, especially on social networks or important websites. The Security Dashboard instantly shows you the websites where you need to generate new passwords as soon as possible. The "duplicate" status is applied only if a password has been reused twice or more.
  4. Old passwords: This section displays passwords that are at least a few months old. By regularly changing your passwords, you can ensure that if one of your passwords is compromised, it will soon become obsolete.

Checking your progress

After making password updates, eliminating weak and duplicate passwords, you can update your Security Score by clicking the "Refresh Security Score" button in the Security Dashboard. This action reflects your improved security posture. To achieve additional scores, address any outstanding suggestions provided, such as enabling two-factor authentication or activating anti-phishing protection.

Every time you access the Security Dashboard, you'll see an indication of your Security Score. Click the "Refresh Security Score" button whenever necessary to update your score. Keep running regular audits to continuously improve your score and replace aging passwords. By utilizing the Security Dashboard, you empower yourself to take control of your online security, fortify your accounts with stronger passwords, and protect yourself from the ever-present security challenges on the internet.

FAQs for this topic

The Security Dashboard helps you fortify your online security by addressing weak and reused passwords, preventing unauthorized access to your accounts, and protecting your personal information.

The Security Dashboard provides a Security Score based on algorithms that evaluate the strength of your passwords and the security of your accounts, highlighting areas of concern.

Weak or reused passwords significantly impact your Security Score and compromise the security of your accounts, making it crucial to address these weaknesses for enhanced overall security.

Regularly check the Security Dashboard, act on the deep security analysis and suggestions provided, and strive to increase your Security Score by implementing measures like two-factor authentication.

The Security Dashboard offers four tabs: "All passwords" provides an overview, "Weak passwords" filters and displays unsafe passwords, "Reused passwords" highlights websites where new passwords are needed, and "Old passwords" shows passwords that are at least a few months old.

Click the "Refresh Security Score" button in the Security Dashboard to reflect your improved security posture and address outstanding suggestions to achieve additional scores.

By running regular audits, replacing aging passwords, and utilizing the Security Dashboard's features, you can take control of your online security, fortify your accounts, and protect yourself from security challenges on the internet.