Basic account settings

Intuitive Password's Preferences panel offers a range of features to help you manage your account effectively. This topic will provide detailed instructions on how to use each feature.

View account information

Click on the "Preferences" tab located on the left-hand side of the screen. In the "Account Details" panel, you can find important information about your account.

  1. Subscription details: This section displays your current subscription details, including the product you have subscribed to, the expiry date of your subscription, and storage limits associated with your account.
  2. Customer support PIN: You may be required to provide your Customer Support PIN when contacting Intuitive Password for support or verification purposes.
  3. Login history: This section shows a record of your previous logins, including the date, time, and IP address associated with each login.

Profile information

In the Profile Information panel, you can add or edit your personal details, such as your full name, company name, company address, phone number, email address, and website. This information is useful for identifying yourself when sharing password items with other users or communicating with them through messages.

Timezone settings

In the Time Zone panel, you can set your residential timezone by selecting your preferred timezone from the available options. This setting ensures that Intuitive Password displays the correct time in various parts of the system, such as login history and activity logs.

System languages

The System Language panel allows you to change the language used in Intuitive Password. Select your preferred language from the available options, which currently include English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian. Once you selected a language, Intuitive Password will display the user interface and messages in the chosen language. More languages may be added in the future to enhance user accessibility.

Selecting a theme

If you wish to change the theme of Intuitive Password, click on the "Theme" button, and select the desired theme from the available options. The theme change will take effect immediately without the need to refresh your browser. This feature allows you to customize the appearance of Intuitive Password according to your preferences.

By utilizing the Preferences panel, you can easily access and manage various aspects of your Intuitive Password account. From viewing subscription details and login history to updating profile information and personalizing the system language and theme, these features provide flexibility and control over your account settings.

FAQs for this topic

The Preferences panel allows you to manage various aspects of your Intuitive Password account, including viewing subscription details and login history, updating profile information, and personalizing language and theme settings.

Click on the "Preferences" tab, and in the "Account Details" panel, you can find information about your subscription, customer support PIN, and login history.