Use your extension to login to a site

How to automatically login to a site

In this chapter, we will be using as an example to demostrate how Intuitive Password browser extension works. Before start using your extension, make sure you have installed the extension in your web browser and logged in to your Intuitive Password account. If you are not sure how to login to your Intuitive Password account, click here for more information.

1 First, you'll need to login to your Intuitive Password account via your web browser.

2 If you have already saved a Twitter's login details in your Intuitive Password account, then just click the extension icon on the toolbar of your web browser. Otherwise please create a login details of your Twitter account by selecting the Logins category and General Logins sub category, then create a Password Item in that sub category. Make sure the Website of the Password Item is "", if you are not sure what URL address should be entered in the Website field, just copy and paste the domain name of the website you are viewing, such as "", "", etc. Click here to learn how to create a Password Item.

3 In the Intuitive Password extension panel, you will see a list of available accounts for login to this site. Click the Login icon next to the Twitter account you wish to login. It may take up to 2 seconds to fill the login details on the site and then you will be logged in automatically.

If the Intuitive Password extension wasn't able to login to a site as expected, you can easily teach it on how to login to the site. Please read the next chapter for more information.

Note: For security reasons, Intuitive Password will only show you a list of accounts that are belong to the site you are currently viewing. If you have other login details stored in your Intuitive Password account, such as your Facebook accounts, online banking accounts, etc., Intuitive Password won't show those accounts until you are viewing the site on the browser.