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Intuitive Password is a 'must-have' tool for every Internet user, so it's easy to recommend to others. You can invite your friends, family members, employees and colleagues easily through the Intuitive Password platform, and will be notified via email each time one of your referrals purchases Intuitive Password subscription.

What we offer?

1) We offer 30% ongoing revenue share on all Intuitive Password purchases and renewals. 2) We will provide you with banners, text ads, coupon codes, and other materials to help you advertise. 3) You will get an unique affiliate URL to promote and monitor your account activity at anytime. 4) You can withdraw your earnings at anytime, we will transfer funds to your bank account or PayPal account.

How it works?

The following diagram illustrates how our Affiliate Program works.

Intuitive Password | Military-Grade Password Manager

As you can see from the example above, there are totally 13 subscribers. The reseller (marked as blue) will receive 13 commissions regardless whether it's directly referred to the subscribers or not. Subscribers will also receive free extra password storage each time someone accepts their invitation.

Commissions payout rules

These payout rules are governed by the Intuitive Password Affiliate Agreement.

Commission is computed as percentage of revenue received by Intuitive Password from users referred by the Affiliate. The revenue is reduced by amount of refunds that were applied to users referred by the Affiliate. For example, if you refer a user to us, and he subscribes to Intuitive Password's Express Edition for $24/year, you will receive $7.2. If he renews his subscription in next year, you will again receive $7.2, and so on.

The minimum amount of the check or PayPal payment that we send is $50. If you choose to close your account, amounts of $10 or more will be sent. We prefer to make payments via PayPal, because it is faster and involves less paperwork.

When your application is submitted, you will automatically receive an unique affiliate URL, so you can use it to promote and monitor your account activity. We can also send you some banners, text ads, coupon codes, and other promotional materials to help you advertise.

Please note that we routinely review every affiliate's performance to determine whether an affiliate is operating legitimately or not. We will not pay anyone who is caught cheating and we'll ban them from the entire network.

Prohibited advertising techniques

Any use of these advertising techniques will lead to immediate termination of your Affiliate account and to forfeiture of payments that are due:

Using spam to promote Intuitive Password. Basically, any mass unsolicited promotional electronic communication to a person with whom you have no prior business relationship is considered to be spam. You can use opt-in email lists to promote Intuitive Password, as long you acquired customer email as a result of existing business relationship.

Search Engine PPC marketing is prohibited with display URL,, or any other trademark name of Intuitive Password. Permission to use Intuitive Password trademark terms in title, ad text, or URL field is granted only to authorized resellers with prior written approval from Intuitive Password. It is mandatory to contact us before placing PPC Search Marketing ads on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or other online advertising services.

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