Configure anti-phishing protection

What is Phishing

Phishing attacks come in many forms. There's the emails impersonating your bank that are requesting confirmation of account activity. Or the fake invoices that ask you to download the attached document to confirm your purchase. It may be in the form of malicious ads or links on social media. Attackers may go so far as to direct you to a login page that's a near-clone of a well-known, trusted website you use.

Spear-phishing gets even more personal. Attackers will send emails that may pretend to be coming from a co-worker or boss, or even your IT department. They make the request appear legitimate using what they've learned about you to solicit more information or get you to download a malicious file or wire money.

Intuitive Password がフィッシング詐欺から保護することが差し上げます。フィッシング対策のメッセージを作ると、本当のIntuitive Password のプラットフォームと接続するのは確認できます。このメッセージを見ると、安全です。

How to configure an anti-phishing message

To configure Intuitive Password's anti-phishing protection, follow the steps below.

1 First, you'll need to login to your Intuitive Password account via your web browser.

2 If you are on the ワイドスクリーンPCモード, click セキュリティ機能 on the left-hand side of your screen. If you are on the スマートフォンモード or タブレットモード, click Options tab.

Click the セキュリティ機能 panel located on the left-hand side of the screen.

3 Select the フィッシング対策保護 from the dropdown list.

4 Enter your security answer for security verification.

5 Enter any message you like that help you identify the website, then click Enable Protection to activate this feature. Note: Your anti-phishing message is publicly viewable, please do not contain any sensitive information in the message, such as your passwords, security reminders and secret notes.